Make Decisions Faster with Lightning Decision Jam

When you try to solve difficult problems does your team endlessly engage in discussion, but rarely make headway on solutions?  Are you looking for a faster way to make decisions?  Try Lightning Decision Jam from the folks over at AJ and Smart, a Berlin-based digital design firm. AJ and Smart developed the Lightning Decision Jam to distill down the core characteristics of the Google Design Sprint into a rapid decision-making exercise. 

image2 (3).jpeg

The purpose of the Lightning Decision Jam is to increase the pace of decision-making.  It is not unusual for teams to discuss problems and solutions for extended periods without implementing any changes.  Lightning Decision Jam is a method to get from problem to action steps in less than 90 minutes.  Make sure to gather materials before starting and review the process.

I have adapted AJ and Smart’s Lightning Decision Jam with minor modifications to describe how to facilitate with larger groups and to account for my experience using a similar process (although my process included more discussion and takes much longer).   Please check out the AJ and Smart version of Lightning Decision Jam on Medium or on Youtube.  Or you can download my expanded version that includes more details and is specifically designed for leaders in education.