Out of the Box Thinking

Innovation Box guides you from from framing a problem to validating a solution on a small scale. 

The four-step process is based on innovation knowledge from business people, designers, educators, and entrepreneurs.


What’s the big deal about the box?

The box includes everything that a teacher needs to design and test an innovative idea for solving a difficult problem. The inspiration comes from the Adobe’s internal innovation incubator Kickbox (relaunched as a global innovation movement in June 2019). By handing teachers a box that includes tools, processes, and support that they need to start innovating, school leaders are granting permission and showing that they trust the people closest to the problem to lead the change.

To the right is a video that shows the contents of the box.


So many problems, but no idea how to start?

The challenges we face in schools and classrooms can seem daunting at times.  After years of working with schools on turn around projects and teams of educators on problems as seemingly intractable as the achievement gap and 9th grade algebra failure rates, we have identified a four-step process that guides individuals or teams of educators from problem to scalable solution.  

  1. Frame a clear and manageable problem.

  2. Prototype a solution.

  3. Run field experiments with your prototype in the real world.

  4. Spread solutions that work.

Innovation Box includes everything you need to follow this four-step process.  

  • Fuel - coffee card and chocolate bar.

  • Seed money - you decide how much, but $100-1000.

  • Tools - post-its, notebooks, sharpies, pens.

  • Guide - a nearly 100 page guide with 25+ innovation methods.

Think outside the box with a box.

Innovation does not have to be driven by people outside of education. Innovation Box provides:

  • A Step-by-step process to go from a problem to scalable solution.

  • Learn how to accelerate educator solutions by following a checklist and engaging a network of passionate problem-solvers.

  • Test & validate your ideas with the tools provided

Work with our team to implement a solution that works best for your school.  You can launch an innovation incubator, convene a cohort of educators working on innovative ideas, or hold a series of innovation workshops to build capacity.  

Innovation Box Process - version 1.0.jpeg


Unleash the Innovation potential of your school

Provide your educators with the tools used by successful problem-solvers to validate their own solutions on a small scale. More importantly, trust them and invest in them.  Using Innovation Box sends a strong message that educators are valued and trusted to drive change.

The Innovation Box: 

  • is the ideal tool to accelerate innovation in your school.

  • has the potential to change your culture from "command and control" to "empowered and motivated"

  • is the ideal way to engage the entrepreneurial spirit of your staff