Classroom Innovation Cards


The Classroom Innovation Cards is a 53-card deck that includes innovation methods, a library of prototypes, and a set of innovation challenges for students. Classroom Innovation Cards are physical cards that put methods and challenges right at their finger tips. The Classroom Innovation Cards are organized into six different categories: Frame (methods for framing innovation problems), Prototype (methods for brainstorming and prototyping solutions), Experiment (methods for designing simple experiments to test assumptions), Spread (methods for spreading good ideas), Prototype Library (techniques for testing solutions wihout scaling to the entir system), and Innovation Challenges (real-world challenges for students where they can use these techniques).

Purchasing the deck also gives the owner access to digital resources with more detailed step by step instructions on how to apply methods in the classroom and detailed instructions for Innovation Challenges. Plus, purchase of the deck allow the owner to download the Classroom Innovation Cards mobile app. The cards are elegantly designed and printed on sturdy cardstock with vibrant colors and rounded corners. The beta version of the mobile app includes all the information included on the cards, plus as new cards are designed they will be added to the app. The app also includes a chat pages for users to ask quetions of the community of innovative teachers.

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