Innovation Box
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Empowering teachers and students for a brighter future. 


Innovation Incubator

Dedicated to change.

Innovation Box was inspired by Adobe's Kickbox internal innovation program.  Adobe designed a program that was committed to giving all employees an opportunity to try to solve challenges (internal or external) through an innovation process that leveraged the passion of the employee and the support of the organization.  Rather than make big bets financially on unproven ideas, Adobe encouraged staff to test ideas at a small scale and learn what works before scaling up.  

Innovation Box is designed to give educators, the people closest to the challenges of education, the permission, tools, and process to go about solving our problems.  Rather than looking for silver bullets, Innovation Box accelerates the development and testing of educator ideas.  Innovation Box is a process for learning quickly what works before implementing widely.  Too often we implement first, then slowly learn that the idea doesn't work.  


Innovation Box supports students and teachers by providing a process to accelerate change.  Also, it really is a box.  


Fuel of Innovators

Innovation Box provides the fuel of innovators; caffeine, chocolate, and seed investment.  Every participant in the Innovation Box process receives the fuel they need to sustain innovation.  The most important fuel they receive is the trust of leaders and literal financial investment in supporting their problem solving approach.  


Tools of Innovators

Innovation Box includes a moleskin notebook, timer, pens and sharpies, and post-its.  All the tools that an innovator needs to capture thoughts, sketch concepts, and trade ideas.  



Innovation Guide

Innovation Box is a process more than it is a product.  Innovators are provided an innovation guide that is inspired by the work of design thinking (e.f. IDEO, Stanford d. school), improvement science (e.g. IHI), and modern entrepreneurship (e.g. Lean Startup). 


Six Step Process

Participants in the Innovation Box process will proceed through a six step process that starts with framing the challenge (or problem) that they want to solve through solutions, testing those solutions, and ultimately to strategies for scaling ideas that work.  



Innovation Requires Results for Students.

Innovation is not just new, but it must be a new idea that improves outcomes for students.