Joe Miller

With over 15 years of experience working in K-12 education as an administrator, state official, facilitator and consultant, Joe’s systems and design thinking approaches to problem solving have supported numerous teams and schools (from high performing suburban districts to low performing urban districts to small private schools) dig into their issues and catalyze new ways of developing solutions. Joe previously co-founded a student film festival, co-produced a technology focused television series, started a teacher corp focused on using new technologies in the classroom, co-designed a data portal for education data, and designed and released teacher observation app for iPads.

Joe has a Ph.D, in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University.  In his research, he focused on studying developing new tools for measuring variation, scientific explanation, and systems thinking.  Joe's work prior to K-12 education included working for a large Chicago-based data processing company designing statistical tools for measuring variation and in public health epidemiology. In his spare time Joe is usually found somewhere near the kitchen working to make the perfect pizza or experimenting with home charcuterie.