Unleash the Innovation potential of your students

Provide your students with the tools used by successful problem-solvers to validate their own solutions on a small scale. More importantly, trust them and invest in them.  Using Innovation Box sends a strong message that students are valued and trusted to drive change.

The Innovation Box: 

  • is the ideal tool to accelerate innovation in your school.

  • has the potential to change your culture from "command and control" to "empowered and motivated"

  • is the ideal way to engage the entrepreneurial spirit of your students

The Student Edition of Innovation Box has been deliberately designed with the aim to engage students with the tools and techniques used in the real world to solve problems.  Innovation Box is inspired by Adobe's internal innovation incubator, Kickbox, but adapted for use with educators and students.  The process is based on design thinking, improvement science, and Lean StartUp. 

In the Student Edition of Innovation Box the process manual that is included in the Educator Version has been replaced by level (or method)  cards (a deck of 25).  These Level Cards are color-coded by level (from Frame to Spread) and include activities that students can use to improve their framing of the problem to creating various types of prototypes.  The language on the cards is designed to be student-friendly and the cards are more manageable and fun than a manual.  The cards include step by step instructions for implementing various methods and frequently direct the student to use a worksheet to capture their ideas.  In addition to the cards, there is a student workbook that includes blank templates for the students to use throughout the innovation process. There is also a Teacher Guide that supports the implementation of this process in the classroom.  

To make the Student Edition more engaging and student friendly, I added an instant camera and structured photo journal that is designed to get students to think differently about the problem they are trying to solve.  Taking and describing photos is a great way to examine your problem from a new angle.  The immediateness of holding a photo in your hand and then analyzing the problem will engage students and allow them to increase their understanding of the issue.

I also included Scenes from SAP.  Scenes is an award-winning tool for prototyping and simulating new ideas using laminated cutouts. 

The Student Edition of Innovation Box includes a badges that students can earn (physical and digital) for competing methods and levels. Innovation Box also includes a design journal with slots to store the physical badges that students earn.

To facilitate students engaging in the innovation process I Innovation Box also includes Innovation Challenges (e.g. Hand Washing, Food Waste).

It is important to remember that the purpose of Innovation Box is to empower users to become problem-solvers.  Being handed a box is a permission slip to take charge and pursue new ideas.  My entire purpose with prototyping this version and the Teacher Edition was to create a product and process that sent the message that we are all problem-solvers.