Classroom Innovation Tools - eBook

In this eBook we provide five innovation tools (methods) that you can start using in your classroom immediately to boast student creativity, heighten engagement, and develop skills and competencies that students will use in the real world. Teachers have lots of effective strategies in their toolkit to teach students read, write, and compute. Teachers are also experts at engaging students in challenging thinking and exciting projects. This, it would seem that more tools are not what they need, so why use these tools at all? The tools described in this eBook are used by designers and innovators from Google and Facebook to the Toyota and Tesla. The tools described (and adapted for classroom use) are used in real world problem-solving scenarios to boast creativity and increase the odds of coming up with an innovative solution. This eBook is designed to provide you with instructions about how to use these tools to encourage students to be innovators. To receive the eBook just enter your email below. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The Classroom Innovation Tools eBook includes five tools. The purpose and outcome for each tool is described. Step by step instructions of how to apply the tool are provided. A real world example of the tool in use is included.